Company Profile

Welcome to our website. Dadsons UK Ltd is a leading Export Marketing company representing European brands across the globe.

The company was established in 1989 with head offices in London and have over the years established affiliate offices in various markets via the development of a global network of trading partnerships in West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana), Far East (Indonesia, Hong Kong), India and USA (Los Angeles).

The success of our company has been based on achieving results in some of the world’s most challenging export markets.i.e. Africa, India and the Far East. This experience along with our understanding of the cultural, economic, legislative and distribution complexities prevailing in these countries provides us with the ability to successfully introduce and market a range of consumer goods and other products in these territories.

The Dadsons Management Team have over 60 years of combined expertise in International Trade and are specialists in Africa. Our knowledge and experience enables us to provide our clients - both Importers and Brand Manufacturers - with the ability to help grow their businesses by providing quality branded products at competitive prices, and the marketing and logistical expertise required to develop sales in export markets.